Our Mission

Shape a sustainable future of mobility in emerging markets

We believe

Mobility is key to addressing global challenges

Our products aim to promote the global agenda of green & clean mobility, efficiency, safety, and universal access.

In alignment with our mission, we work to transform emerging markets by adopting environmental friendly transport finance infrastructure today – contributing to turning the tide on climate change, economic development and jobs, and poverty reduction.

The future is everything

We innovate where 4 areas intersect


Emerging Markets

Emerging Market access to sustainable growth solutions


Sustainable Mobility

Next-generation green & clean mobility business infrastructure



Bridging the finance gap in emerging markets



Technology for a sustainable future.

Shelev was founded around

5 Sustainable Development goals

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are humanities plan to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030. As proud UN-member state citizens, we – the founders and management team of Shelev, joined the call to take action. We founded Shelev, to promote shared prosperity while protecting the environment.

We recognize that ending inequality of wealth while tackling climate change. must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social and functional needs including healthy communities, technological innovation, more job and business opportunity, and efficient use of energy. At Shelev we build our Vision around 5 of the SDG.

A global movement

Join us

Global warming can be mitigated only with global action. We believe that businesses shape the world of tomorrow more than politics.

In support of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement we pledged to support our nation and 200 other, that have committed to the ambitious global action plan to fight climate change. The result of which is Shelev’s 2 phase action plan that translated as our product road map. Become a signatory and join a community of future-forward companies that today make a difference for our tomorrow. Visit:

Our Values

Our shared Values



Future Ready


Future-ready technology

Green & Clean technology

Battery Powered Electric (EV) Vehicles

We offer the latest battery-powered EV material handling equipment of various popular brands. Shelev’s dedicated new-energy research group has has conducted several studies in preparation of a prototype test for an EV taxi ecosystem with dedicated charging hubs for taxis in central Vietnam.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

An alternative approach to cutting CO2 emissions by
improving fuel efficiency in petrol and diesel cars is the use of transport fuels with a lower carbon content. Compressed natural gas (CNG) has come to be widely used to significantly improve urban air-quality. For heavy-duty vehicles such as buses compared to diesel, using CNG achieves reductions of around 70% for both NOx and particulates. Most of HC emissions are composed of methane and are almost eliminated from exhaust gases by the use of methane catalyst systems.


Euro 4 is requires the use of fuel with significantly low sulfur (0.005 percent, or 50 ppm) and benzene (maximum of 1 percent by volume) contents – 10 times cleaner than Euro 2, with much lower levels of sulfur and benzene. Cleaner fuel means cleaner emissions and less pollution in the environment. Euro 4 also improves fuel economy and reduces emissions of free radicals. Euro 4 fuels improve power by enhancing engine lubrication and restores maximum engine performance by reducing and cleaning internal-engine deposits.


Euro 6 emission standard requires diesel engines to emit less than 80mg/km of Nox. When compared to Euro 5 standards, which were 180mg/km, this is a massive 55% decrease, meaning Euro 6 diesel engines are the cleanest ever. For petrol engines NOx emission limits have are at 60mg/km in Euro 6 standards, so diesel engines are almost as environmentally friendly as their petrol equivalents for the first time. Currently Shelev offers the latest Euro 6 container trucks.